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Canadian songwriter, Amelie Patterson, is a tall glass of water in the Alt-Folk landscape; refreshing, transparent, and crucial. Her new single, the dazzling alt-pop ‘GOLDEN LINE’ is about mental health, and staying with someone as they navigate challenging times. 

Based on the Greek Myth of the Labyrinth, the Cretian Princess Ariadne falls in love with Thesues and gifts him a spool of golden thread to find his way out of the dark maze. With her shimmering vocals cast loftily over groovy low-fi production, Patterson addresses the listener: "We can't find the way if you keep slack in the Golden Line". In her own words Patterson describes the meaning of Golden Line "Sometimes you just need to know that someone is on the other side, holding on tight. They've invested their energy into you and you have to show up for them. You don't have to navigate the dark maze alone, you don't even have to come out, but knowing that someone is there who isn't giving up on you makes all the difference."


Patterson wrote and recorded the song in her living room with co-writer/producer, Brayden Bell (Shuffalo, We Are Crickets), during a lock down. "We had to use whatever was around us, we couldn't bring in any session players, which is definitely an insecurity of mine. But the result is authentic and clear. The idea was fully formed and lead the process"

'GOLDEN LINE’ is the first single to drop for her highly anticipated EP "The War" (Fall 2022).

Patterson has already received critical acclaim including winning Alternative Recording Of The Year from the YYC Music Awards in 2020 for ‘The Patient Kind.’

Amelie has performed alongside Sarah Harmer, Matt Anderson, and Serena Ryder, and has performed at festivals including the Calgary Folk Festival, BlockHeater, Stampede City Sessions, Jasper Folk Festival, Folk Alliance International  and BreakOut West.

Amelie is a songwriting tour de force drawing heavy comparisons to indie-folk contemporaries

including Arcade Fire, Kathleen Edwards, Begonia, and Feist. Patterson served as the inaugural

poet laureate of Banff, Alberta.

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