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Static + Bonus Track //Out Now //

"Raise my voice above the din, feeling sonic"

Western Canadian alt-pop auteur Amelie Patterson is a songwriter’s songwriter. Amelie’s poetic predisposition has landed her a golden reputation as a songwriter and community builder. An industrious auteur and a consummate connector, Amelie elevates her craft and community as the founder of songwriting society Pre-Death, Pro-Fame, and with her production and songwriting project We Are Crickets, which has placements with clients including McDonalds.


Her newest release, completing The War EP, comes in the form of two singles; the enigmatic and synth heavy Static and the groovy melodic myth inspired Golden Line. Produced by Brock Gieger (Reuban and The Dark), Static reflects tension and release of joining the creative fray; one part intrusive thoughts, and two parts empty studio at midnight. Golden Line is the bonus track on the EP and is about mental health, and holding someone as they navigate challenging times. 


The songs that make up The War are a unique emotional and auditory pathway, allowing Amelie to “walk you hand in hand through the human condition." Each song on the EP has developed over years and each came into shape with its own set of collaborators including producers Brayden Bell (Shuffalo, We Are Crickets), Will MacLellan, and Brock Geiger (Reuben and the Dark). Amelie’s sophisticated folk foundations are adorned with polite instrumentation cueing dramatic depth. She has performed alongside Serena Ryder, Matt Andersen and Sarah Harmer and has been awarded Alternative Recording of the Year at the YYC Music Awards, as well as received Calgary’s coveted White Hat. Amelie was the inaugural poet-laureate of Banff, Alberta.

THE WAR EP - 07 . 14 . 23



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